Jumat, 03 Februari 2012

i've packed my suitcase :)

i've packed my suitcase! yes this time i'm going to bring my suitcase to BALI, not my backpack...
i usually go everywhere with my backpack, you can call me an amateur backpacker... 
i know this vacation is a bit unusual for me:

1. no backpack
2. no basic clothes, i even bring a party dress.
3. i bring my digital SLR (posh bitch, i usually bring my pocket camera)
4. first time i'm going to travel with not so close friends (except zetta si alay)
5. i bring my journal with me (so i can keep you posted)

me, chyca, zetta, nia, awan, and awan's friend are going to go to the airport by damri bus, because taxi is too mainstream! LOL noooo, i'm joking. because tomorrow is saturday and i'm sure that the traffic will go crazy, and since it's wet season, floods are everywhere!!!!

maybe i'll meet my travbuddy mates there, but i haven't heard from them since 3 days ago, let's just see :)
so guuuys, maybe i'll post the story after february 8th :)
see ya!

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